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“Inner” premiered at Bar Republica, Sofia on 8 December 2018. 

In its essence, it is an experimental performative project, revolving around the idea of body as the first, last and most most important space that we inhabit.
Cognitive-behavioral exploration, observation of touch and empathy are provoked through subversive, but intimate situations between complete strangers.

The exercises are performed in couples in safe and private spaces.  Pre-filmed videos with actors performing them are displayed in a cabin to be watched whenever.

Some of them explore the collisions of our will and the ways our mind tackles an environment “in the lack of”. We question what the value of our desires is when we have the chance to fulfill them. Could empathy or understanding confront the “Ego of the mind”?

Others look at the state of mind in situations of imploded and deprived ego.

Others play with the concept of the body that has transcended to an entirely sensual communication. There, it overcomes the boundaries the mind has settled. This leads to the approach of the other person on an intimate and delicate level, but is above all an expression of its own vulnerability when overcoming the limits of  the Outer & Inner personal space.


Boyana Djikova


Curatorial School @ Swimming Pool Projects

Video & photographer

Johana Trayanova